PSO Musicians Perform at Allegheny Conference Meeting

Allegheny Conference Annual Meeting

Jim Nova, Pete Sullivan, Mark Houghton, Chad Winkler and John Winkler accompanied a five-minute introductory video in front of 500 of the region’s top business leaders celebrating all the great work the Allegheny Conference has done this past year.

The Allegheny Conference invited members of the Pittsburgh Symphony to perform for the opening of its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14, at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.

After their performance, Laura Karet, CEO of Giant Eagle and Chair of the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (the economic development arm of the Allegheny Conference), shared photos of the PSO at the London Proms this past September.  The PRA joined the PSO in London on this tour and hosted a reception at Royal Albert Hall, and organized an economic summit the next day.  It was a fantastic honor to be showcased so prevalently in this forum of leaders and have them talk about the PRA’s great partnership with the PSO.  

Jim Nova was instrumental in organizing the ensemble and coordinating the music to the video presentation.