Our President's February Message

A Message From Our President, Sue Breedlove

Things are going great for the PSA in 2018.

• The PSA wrote a check to the PSO for $80,000 in January because of the profit made with the Symphony Splendor house tour and the Holiday Luncheon.

• Our membership is increasing and those members are jumping right in to donate and volunteer for our many activities. We are attracting members through our full-page ad in the PSO concert programs that we would otherwise not be able to reach.

• Our donors will soon get recogniton in the concert programs for the donations that they have made to the PSA. This could be through donations to the Sweepstakes, Symphony Splendor Patron Party, Symphony Salon, Fine Instrument Fund and others. This will soon appear in the programs and will be updated every other month. Please let me know if you feel that you have been left off of this list.

And keep this in mind when you are deciding whether to become a Sweepstakes Ambassador this year (must be a straight donation, with no chances purchased).

• The PSA has a new, easier to remember, website name (see below).

• We conInue to get weekly updates from Melia to keep us informed about the PSO.

• We have a full schedule of events coming up in this Winter and Spring and new projects are
being developed in our Projects Committee.

• We have a very strong, hard-working PSA board that are dedicated to making constant improvements and it shows!