100 Years of Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein Remembered

Mark Kanny writes in the Tribune, "Leonard Bernstein’s life was a celebration of the joy of music, which not coincidentally is the title of one of the books he wrote. His passion for music was all encompassing — not just classical, but also jazz and musicals. He embraced The Beatles when most classical musicians shunned rock.
The centennial of his birth is being celebrated around the musical world at concerts and by the reissuing of his vast discography.
Bernstein was born Aug. 25, 1918, in Lawrence, Mass. He died Oct. 14, 1990, in his New York City apartment.
Many of his award-winning recordings were also best-sellers and have rarely been unavailable. His television programs and live concert videos are available on DVDs and YouTube.
Bernstein expressed his genius in many forms.
He wrote music for the concert hall, Broadway and film. He was an excellent pianist and a great conductor. And his gift for speaking about and illustrating music made it easy to deepen one’s own appreciation. . . "
The PSO Concerts Oct. 5 and 7 are headlined by Bernstein's Symphony No. 1, Jeremiah, and PSA's first Sunday Brunch and Concert for 2018 will be on Oct. 7.