Traveling With PSO

Chris Wu, Susanne Park, Andrew Wickesberg, Anne Martindale Williams, Rhian Kenny, Pete Sullivan and special guest Paul Silver have returned from a week spent  fund-raising and friend-raising through Florida performing for more than 730 snowbirds--Pittsburghers who have moved to FL and friends not connected to Pittsburgh--who love classical music in Vero Beach, Jupiter, Sarasota, Naples (2 performances) and Palm Beach.  

"Many thanks to our musicians who not only performed incredibly memorable concerts but entertained each audience with fantastic stories about the music and themselves and then after late nights every night, woke up early to spend time with our donors in each city.  We also appreciate the numerous Board members, PSA members and other PSO family members who made us feel so welcome," said PSO CEO Melia Tourangeau.  A big shout out to the Development team especially Myra Toomey, Rachel Chuckran, Rebecca Anthony, Dawn McWilliams and Jessica Wolfe for their behind the scenes work making the trip a success and a big thank you to Brian Hughes and Andy Coleman from marketing for their work making sure all of our program books and invitations were perfect."