Fine Instrument Fund

The Fine Instrument Fund:

"Because a fine symphony orchestra deserves fine instruments"

The Fine Instrument Fund (FIF), which was established in 1984, is a fund designated solely for the purchase of instruments for use by PSO musicians while under contract with the PSO. These instruments are the property of the PSO. 

In addition to generous donations, the FIF generates funds through 50/50 raffles at PSA events and the sale of commemorative cards, a distinctive way to acknowledge special events or as a memorial. Since 1988, the FIF has purchased twenty-two instruments for the PSO.

Instruments purchased to date:
Loree English horn (2017)
Rare vintage 1940’s Bach Stradivarius trumpet (2014)
Lyon Healy harp (2012)
Five-octave marimba (2010)
Shiedmayer celesta (2007)
Lyon Healy harp (2004)
Basset horn (2003)
Four Clevelander timpani (1999)
Three Wagner tubas (1999)
Four rotary trumpet cases (1999)
Four rotary trumpets (1992)
Galanti organ and Zildjian cymbals (1991)
Steinway grand piano (1989)
Hinger timpani (1988)

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