Fine Instrument Fund

The Fine Instrument Fund:

"Because a fine symphony orchestra deserves fine instruments"

Recognizing Our Donors The Fine Instrument Fund (FIF), which was established in 1984, is a fund designated solely for the purchase of instruments for use by PSO musicians while under contract with the PSO. These instruments are the property of the PSO. Donating to the FIF acknowledges the importance of maintaining the high level of instrumentation that the musicians of the PSO deserve.

Recognizing Our 2017 Donors

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Fine Instrument Fund in 2017!  Since our recent purchase of an English horn for the orchestra, the fund has continued to grow because of your generosity.

In addition to the donors listed below, we would also like to thank the many PSA members and guests at our spring, fall, and winter luncheons who purchased 50/50 Raffle tickets or commemorative cards, the proceeds from which also go into the FIF.

When you renew your PSA membership for the coming year, please add a donation to the Fine Instrument Fund.  But remember:  the Fund accepts donations at any time of the year!  Just click on whenever the music inspires you, and help us keep the music alive with fine new instruments!

Jane Adamson
J.R. Ambrose & Eliza Swann
Elaine Ashton
Christine & Joseph Bettinger
Bonnie Blackstone
Sue Breedlove
Mary Patricia Brown
Gillian Cannell
Candy Davis
Jackie Demetris
Bev Elliott
M. T. Geraci
Harold & Beverly Goldwasser
Alice Jane Jenkins
Linda Johnson
Marge Kane
Jodie Karabin
Alex Kusic
Marjorie Larouere
Janice & Edward Leckey
Jennifer & Jim Martin
Janice Meade
Maureen & Gregory Morrin
Nancy Nelson
Gail Pesyna & John Hooper
Judy Petty
Connie Phillips
Frances Pickard
Susie Prentiss
Millie & Gary Ryan
Jackie Scanlon
Susan Shaginaw
Amy & Mark Stabingas
Linda & Jeff Stengel
Jerry Stephens
Mary Ann Templeton
Phyllis VanStrien
Jan Wagner
Susanne Wilkinson
Fran Wilson
Janet & Tony Zidansek

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For Our Records

The FIF also generates funds through the sale of Commemorative Cards at PSA luncheons. These cards are a distinctive way to acknowledge special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, births, anniversaries or memorials. The 50/50 raffles at PSA luncheons also help support this fund.

Since 1988, the FIF has purchased over 20 instruments (including cases) for the PSO. 

Instruments Purchased to Date 

English Horn (2017)

Rare Vintage 1940’s Bach Stradivarius Trumpet  (2014)

Lyon Healy Harp (2012)

Five-Octave Marimba (2010)

Shiedmayer Celesta (2007)

Lyon Healy Harp (2004)

Basset Horn (2003)

Four Clevanlander Timpani (1999)

Three Wagner Tubas (1999)

Four Rotary Trumpets (1992)
Four Rotary Trumpet Cases (1999)

Galanti Organ and Zildjian Cymbals (1991)

Steinway Grand Piano (1989)

Hinger Timpani (1988)

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